Poetry Performance
September 2020: Showcased by City Lit Writing Department – Poetry Performance series

Event at Willesden Library Centre
 This is me announcing the results of the 2012 Willesden Herald short story competition. Near the end, Charles Lambert says a few words too. And the remarkable Virginia Gilbert, right at the end. Roddy Doyle was the judge that year. Introduced by Sam Taradash.

With Katy Darby & Olga Zilberbourg
Katy Darby comments on the stories in the short list before announcing the winner in the Willesden Herald international short story competition 2016. I then make a brief appearance to hand the prize to Olga Zilberbourg, who makes a charming acceptance speech.

With Maggie Gee
Maggie Gee comments on the short-listed stories and announces the results of the Willesden Herald short story competition 2011.

With Mary O’Shea
This is Mary O’Shea accepting first prize in the Willesden Herald short story competition 2011. I put in an appearance, just about – if you don’t blink.

With Rana Dasgupta
My first attempt at using a video camera, with somewhat comical effects. I know, I’ll say it was an artistic decision to film renowned writer Rana Dasgupta in silhouette, opening the results event.

With Lin Sagovsky
Lin Sagovsky brings the characters in my story to vivid life in the Liars’ League “Justice & Mercy” event at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square in London’s West End (8 March 2016).

With Mustard Bastard
  This is Mustard Bastard’s setting of my poem “Ballad”. It’s a hoot. I love it.

Reviewing a proof copy of Day of the Flying Leaves in hardback

First look at the new 2020 edition of The London Silence and Other Stories

The first print proof copy of Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 11

New Short Stories 10 – Unboxing* the proof copy.
*Crazy YouTube lingo

New Short Stories 9 – a first look. Co-edited with Katy Darby

  Browsing the first proof copy of Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 6

  Southernmost Point Guest House – first look

And finally…
Things to do instead of writing