No more of that

O, Sir John, do you remember since we lay all night
in the windmill in Saint George’s field?

No more of that, good Master Shallow, no more of that.

Ha! ’twas a merry night. And is Jane Nightwork alive?

She lives, Master Shallow.

She never could away with me.

Never, never; she would always say she could not
abide Master Shallow.

By the mass, I could anger her to the heart. She
was then a bona-roba. Doth she hold her own well?

Old, old, Master Shallow.

Nay, she must be old; she cannot choose but be old;
certain she’s old; and had Robin Nightwork by old
Nightwork before I came to Clement’s Inn.

That’s fifty-five year ago.

Ha, cousin Silence, that thou hadst seen that that
this knight and I have seen! Ha, Sir John, said I well?

We have heard the chimes at midnight, Master Shallow.

That we have, that we have, that we have; in faith,
Sir John, we have: our watch-word was ‘Hem boys!’
Come, let’s to dinner; come, let’s to dinner:
Jesus, the days that we have seen! Come, come.

Exeunt FALSTAFF and Justices

Henry IV, Part 2

Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize

The Shakti Bhatt Foundation announces the inaugural 2008 Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize (caferati)

“September 27 would have been the writer and editor Shakti Bhatt’s 27th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, her friends will read from her work and remember her with poetry, short fiction, and music…The Shakti Bhatt Foundation will announce the inaugural 2008 Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize.”

The award is for books published in India. Shakti was one of the contributors to “New Short Stories 1”. (Tributes)

I just read this article about Suzi


“Mrs Pritchard, who lived in Mount Street, off Queens Road, Nuneaton, was a larger-than-life character…In an interview with the Nuneaton Telegraph in 1999, she said: ‘I love my writing – like God, I start with nothing and create something. In many ways I have a wonderful life.’ “

I took this picture of Suzi, glorious and surrounded by friends, at her birthday party in Nuneaton, December 2003.